WebDT312: possible to upgrade flash memory to SSD?

WebDT312: possible to upgrade flash memory to SSD?

Postby MichaelMadsen » Thu Aug 04, 2011 12:41 pm

Hello everyone,

I received my WebDT312 today (courtesy of eBay). The auction mentioned a 32 GB SSD, but upon arrival I reliased that it had 2048 MB flash instead. Slight difference. After consulting the DT Research website I became aware of that it is either flash or SSD - not both simultaneously. Anyway, it was relatively cheap and I will find some (other) use for it (target applications include home automation and datalogging in the field using NI hardware).

So, to my question: does anyone have experience with exchaning (if possible) the flash memory with an SSD in the WebDT312 or related DT's? Which dimension, connector etc. should the SSD have (I am no IT hardware professional)?

Thanks in advance.

Michael Madsen
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Re: WebDT312: possible to upgrade flash memory to SSD?

Postby quotaholic » Tue Aug 09, 2011 1:37 pm

Yes, many have. Look in the hardware section of the DT366 section to see details and how to's by those of us who have upgraded our internal flash memory. Yes, this is different than the CF card slot. What we can buy from commercially available sources requires modification to work. DTRI or their customers like XriverTechnologies can sell you oem replacement internal flash for four to five times the price of "modified" commercially available memory.

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