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Site Posting Rules

Postby quotaholic » Sun Aug 02, 2009 10:32 am

This is very simple. Keep your posts on topic and in good taste.

If you post jibberish it will be removed and your membership will be edited to be limited or simply eliminated. Including and not limited to ip bans.

If you are experiencing problems with the site please message a forum moderator or myself, the forum admin.

Please do not post illegal software as lots of folks here link legitimate businesses to their profiles. I do not wish to have any legal problems. Again this site was started to help others get linux ported on to a DT. I do not mind that there is also a windows section however if problems arise I will eliminate the root of the problem. This also goes for regional problems. If I see that a certain subnet is causing a number of problems I will simply ask my isp to block all traffic from that country.

I support this site as a favor to the community. I get nothing in return and this does have a cost factor to it. 

That being said please enjoy the knowledge that is contained here. Many fine individuals have dedicated a great deal of time to this project. May we all benefit.

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