Wireless Warrior

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Wireless Warrior

Postby Foxx » Wed Nov 25, 2009 4:24 pm

Many of my friends call me the 'Wireless Warrior' because of all the funky crap I do with radio and other wireless technologies. From scanning for wifi and bluetooth, to intercepting data over RF channels, and even some nifty Ham Radio Stuff.

I have an inexpensive Atheros 5x00 802.11 a/b/g PCMCIA card hooked up and good ol' netsumbler installed. I even have a USB GPS going so I can do logging. Its an O.K. setup, but the DT will choke out and stutter a bit when I have 80+ APs being tracked at once. Aruba Networks' Blue Scanner helps me look for bluetooth, and I have some apps used for decoding data off of a radio scanner.


Slow Scan TV is a way of encoding digital images and transmitting them over an RF carrier, commonly on ham radio. You can use FRS or GMRS as well if you arent a ham, but the range wont be as far, of course. The WebDT does a damn good job at this, and makes a great durable handheld device for the task. Its durability makes it very good for aggressive field use. Battery life could be better, but I think we all have that issue.


I posted download links of the software I use int he Windows thread of the forums: viewtopic.php?t=5

I also have a WiSpy 2.4Ghz Spectrum Analyzer but it doesnt run all too great under linux or XP:
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