Xybernaut Atigo-M series -- Changing OS

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Xybernaut Atigo-M series -- Changing OS

Postby dalich » Sun Jul 10, 2011 5:27 pm

I have a handful of the slightly older Xybernaut-M Series units running WinCE. I would like to experiment with this some and possibly install a Android Os or something.... Can anyone help me with some suggestion on how to do this?

I am also game for selling several if anyone is interested. This things are great and very tough. I'm open to suggestions.

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Re: Xybernaut Atigo-M series -- Changing OS

Postby quotaholic » Mon Jul 11, 2011 11:02 am

As your tablets are arm based android may be easier than what the rest of us are running in to on intel hardware.

We intel users are limited to the offerings of androidx86.org. Normally we would have to install a android sdk on a ubuntu computer and emulate a build environment. This still may be the case as penmount will be your chief frustration. They make the touchscreen and subsequently the touch screen drivers. Penmount announced android drivers and I have had an application in for three weeks now with no reply. In fact tech support doesnt even respond to their emails anymore so again Penmount may be a frustrating obstacle on your quest for android.

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Re: Xybernaut Atigo-M series -- Changing OS

Postby Dave7341 » Mon Jul 11, 2011 11:42 am

You'll find many limitations with these DT375 / Atigo "M" tablets. They only have a non-removable 64mb of storage that can not be upgraded. You can not boot off USB, CF card or PCMCIA card - no other options. What they are is what they will be.

In the Tampa area there are a lot of them with the Verizon label floating around the flea markets. I bought one with external battery, charger and cradle for $20. If you have a DT366 or 368, you can use many of the accessories to upgrade. There is a larger internal battery (just remove the rubber fillers), the external battery is the same as the DT366 and DT368. The cradle works with the 366 and 368 as well.

You can browse the web to non-flash sites (like .mobi) and you can play MP3s and other audio files, no video. You can load VNC on it to gain access to other computers for remote control of them but it is slow. It has IR instead of Bluetooth but you can add a USB Bluetooth transceiver for $1 for bluetooth accessories. I added a BT keyboard-mouse combo but you have to wait for the tablet to catch up with your typing.

The DT375 suffers from a lack of speed for even the most basic things. Mine collects dust but the accessories are used daily.

Good luck with them.
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