I found mine in Bulgaria

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I found mine in Bulgaria

Postby ralphot » Mon Jul 26, 2010 11:49 pm

Hi everybody!

I am from Sweden and lives some months in Bulgaria.
A week ago I bought a used Compaq computer for a friend in Sofia when I saw a few DT366 in the shop.
I have never seen such computers before and got interested.
When I found this forum I decided to buy one to see wha one can do with it.
I am using an Ipaq from HP with OZI-explorer when I found my way through Sofia.
Maybe I can use this 366 for this purpose.

I gave about $80 for it but it was a little scratched on the screen but not so bad.
It works excellent with very bright screen and perfect touch-screen.
I got the extra optional battery and both batteries seems to hold power very well.
Windows CE 5.0 was installed and I wonder if I shall try to install Micro Windows Xp instead.
I am inpressed on the screens brilliant sharpness, photos looks great.
I could not play a wmv-video file with Media Player, it loads the file but stays still.

I tested the batterys, they run with medium bright screen for 2,5 hours. Not bad.

Today, july 27, I succeeded to connect to a a wifi hotspot in Svoge, Bulgaria! Could read Internet pages.....
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