WebDT / Xybernaut Antigo-M series for sale $75 obo

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WebDT / Xybernaut Antigo-M series for sale $75 obo

Postby dalich » Sat Jul 23, 2011 5:16 am

I have several of the Xybernaut Atigo-M series wireless panels for sale. I believe these are almost exactly the sale as the WebDT units with maybe a little less memory. All of these units are new to me and you can research what I have here.

http://www.dealtime.com/XYBER-ATIGO-M-1 ... ?tab=specs



or simply GOOGLE "Xybernaut Atigo-M"

Mine are used, but fully operational. They have the rubberized grips, wireless network cards, there if a CF port and a USB port that will accommodate accessories or additional memory/applications. They are great for web browsing, Network applications, home automation etc.

I have about 35 or 40 of these to sell along with additional batteries, chargers and docking stations. They also include stylus and neck straps WinCE Operating system. I'll sell for $75 each with free shipping on two or more. Contact and make an offer!

Please email webdt@alich.com if interested.

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