Nlite conifg file for stripping windows down

If you are running Windows on your WebDT366 this is for you.

Nlite conifg file for stripping windows down

Postby peewee3ie » Sun Sep 25, 2011 6:49 am

I have tryed microxp but I found it had taken up a good bit of space on the 512MB. I desided to try and nlite my own version of windows XP Home and PRO. I have worked with windows XP embedded before made it easy for me to know what was needed and not needed.

I have done both version of XP and both leave me with about 140MB free. I am willing to share the Nlite file that I have from creating the ISO That I have use and also a friend has used it as well. I have added the drivers to it as well which help alot when installing XP on the DT366. I also have cert for secure websites working so there should not be a problem loging in to secure web sites such as gmail, ebay and other sites alike

I have also found that XP home runs faster on the DT366 and I have also loaded on a DT166.

If you are intrested in the Nlite file please post here and I will put up a link to it.

I forgot to say as well I have left the windows onscreen keyboard in aswell.
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Re: Nlite conifg file for stripping windows down

Postby freygo » Tue Feb 21, 2012 1:16 am

Hi peewee3ie

I´m Javier, from Spain, a recently WebDT 366 owner, and let me tell you something.............., i really like it.

I come from linux world, so, when you are talking about a winxp that works fine, lights my deep curiosity.

I would like to check your work, if you want of course. My e-mail is

I do apologize for my english.

Thanks in advance, Javier.
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Re: Nlite conifg file for stripping windows down

Postby paulc91316 » Sat Feb 25, 2012 7:24 am

Hi peewee3ie,

I'd really like to see you config file. I've tried all versions of microXP and it seems everyone has one issue or another. I'd love to see if a fresh nLite build would yield more success. Just email me at

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