Yet another use for the WebDT

If you are running Windows on your WebDT366 this is for you.

Yet another use for the WebDT

Postby quotaholic » Sun Sep 04, 2011 11:11 am

Hey Everyone,

Its not very often I post in the windows side of this forum however I have something neat to share. As a result of PenMount not supporting linux very well with their touchscreen drivers I have been halted on the linux effort. So I have been playing with Windows on my tablets and ran in to a cool way to utilize the DT366-LX that I have. Thanks again to tbowland!

I am a media maven. I run a Synology network attached storage server that stores my movies, music and television shows. These stream through the network up to the media center computer that I have built. In my current config I have utilized an existing wireless G network. Supplemented the wireless by adding a wireless bridge by means of a Linksys E3000 running DD-WRT. On the WebDT I used the 4gb transcend flash card that I mentioned in Vasko's hardware mod post:

After installing WinXP Tablet Edition I had to install Dot Net 3.5 to support a cool little application called Yatse, or Yet Another Touch Screen Experiment. Yatse will control a couple of different media center distributions out there. Media Portal as well as XBMC. I am using openElec which is a minimal linux based operating system that boots directly to XBMC.

The Media center is an OrigenAE - M10 case, Asus M35 Deluxe AMD fusion based motherboard, 4gb low profile ram, 160GB SSD and a Panasonic UA-135 slot load bluray drive. The openElec build is s beta for the AMD Fusion platform:

Cant say enough about their efforts. Although DTS-MA and TrueHD are not working as of yet they do have a fantastic build of XBMC that associates well with the hardware. Offering wifi and network configuration through the gui as well as the VFD drivers for my M-10 case and automatic remote control association.

Here is a youtube video that will give a sub 3 minute run down on how this config operates:
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