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Network boot possible?

PostPosted: Mon Mar 08, 2010 12:57 pm
by mistico4

Thank you very much for posting how to enter BIOS. To date, I just randomly pressed everything from F1 to F12, esc. delete, etc. until something appeared before entering XP.

The first window that pops up offers a selection of boot options plus entering setup. I noticed one of those options is Network Boot. Would it be possible to fully boot from the network like a thin terminal using the Cisco card? AFAIK, no OS would need to be installed on the unit itself, which means the flash disk is not used and thus preserved.

Secondly, I don't have the hardware to try other boot options, and I have read mostly about the DT366, but can Atigo T/DT368 boot XP exclusively from USB pen drive or Compact Flash slot?

Thank you

Re: Network boot possible?

PostPosted: Mon Mar 08, 2010 4:08 pm
by tt300zrcr
you can do network load of the os that i have tried using the SDI loader from windows but i donthing there is anything else like thin client

for you second question windows will not install from usb and or cf card as the primary source

i ahve tried it and tried it nothing works.

Re: Network boot possible?

PostPosted: Fri May 07, 2010 4:39 pm
by jwatson16202
i believe that network boot is possible only from ethernet when the unit is docked, dont quote me on this however as i have never tried it.
as for booting from usb, we primarily re-image literally 100's of these a week using win98 boot files and ghost from usb, so i know it at least boots into win98 command line.