Bios settings

Bios settings

Postby howie368 » Sun Feb 14, 2010 9:10 am

Hi everyone!

To get into the bios press esc then f2 TWICE with a short pause in between at the boot logo screen and then select

The Main Page

All options are pretty standard here except for two things:
  1 - CMS Memory size [16] -- Code Morphing Software size. see for usage of this option.
  2 - An unlabled command at the very bottom. -- Scroll with the down arrow past the System Information selection and you will see, at the bottom,
        "Enter Select Sub Menu" change to "Enter Execute Command." I have no clue what this is, any information would be appreciated.

More to follow later

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Re: Bios settings

Postby howie368 » Tue Feb 16, 2010 9:33 am

The Advanced page

o/s - linux / windows / other
reset config - clear ESCD
secured setup config - yes to prevent o/s PNP from changing system settings
large disk access mode - change if your o/s has problems reading or writing to the DOM

PCI config
    ISA UMB region Exclusion - exclude a block of UMB for use by an ISA device
    ISA IRQ resource Exclusion - exclude an IRQ for use by an ISA device

I/O device config
    Serial A - used by the penmount 9000 touchscreen, leave with default values
    Serial C - disabled, maybe there are headers on the MB that a person could solder a serial plug to but on a stock 368 it is unused
    Serial B - IR port. I have changed the settings and had no success making xp see the IR port, It is an ALI chip but seems to emulate IBM or HP
    Parallel - disabled, see Serial c above
    Floppy - Disabled, see above
    Local bus ide - primary, keep defaults unless you intend to solder on a second ide header if such place even exists on the MB. Somone on the     
      forum said the 366 had ide2 under the CF slot, maybe the 368 too. viewtopic.php?t=2.msg1802#msg1802

Advanced Chipset
    Delayed transaction - disabled
    DMA Line buffer - enabled
    Distributed DMA - enabled
    Spread Spectrum - enabled

    USB host - enabled
    Modem - disabled
    Audion - enabled

USB BIOS legacy - enabled
CPUID reporting yes/no
Persistent translations - enabled, see this post for more info ... /0960.html
Thermal management - enabled, this looks like a feature that keeps the 368 from triggering a thermal event if disabled
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