BIOS setup

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BIOS setup

Postby arleenax » Tue Aug 14, 2012 4:03 am

How am i able to Reinstall my operating system from the bios setup utility? i have this problem "lsass.exe - system error object not found" and i need to reinstall my operating system but all i can get to is the bios setup utility because of the error. Am i able to reinstall my operating system from the bios setup utility?
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Re: BIOS setup

Postby Dave7341 » Tue Aug 14, 2012 3:07 pm

Have you tried this?? Info from this link: ... -not-found


Lsass.exe is a core Windows file that handles authentication processes in Windows. This is achieved by using an authentication package such as msgina.dll, once the user is authenticated, lsass.exe generates a token that allows the user to log on and remain logged in.

This article solves the Object Not Found error, if you are experiencing an error message similar to Entry Point Not Found, you can follow this link for a solution.

Note: Lsass.exe is a critical file needed for stable running of Windows, do not terminate this process.
Detecting Lsass.exe Object Not Found Error

After the Log On dialogue box disappears, you receive the following error message: “lsass.exe - System Error Object Name not found.”
Cause of this Error

You will commonly encounter this error if one or several services that run in the lsass.exe process or in the Services.exe are not configured to run as a shared service process. By default, any services that run in the above processes are configured to run as shared service processes.
How to repair this error

If you are unable to log on to Windows after the problem first occurred, press the F8 key when the operating system selection page is displayed or before the computer starts Windows. Select the Last Known Good Configuration option.

If this does not resolve the issue, complete the following steps to log on to the computer and run Sc.exe.

Restart the computer.
Press the F8 key before the Windows logo page is displayed.
Press the F8 key to select Advanced Startup Options when the operating system selection page is displayed.
Use the arrow keys to select Safe Mode with Command Prompt, and then press ENTER.

You can use the Sc.exe tool to determine what service is incorrectly configured.

Complete the following steps to achieve this:

Click Start, click Run, type cmd, and press ENTER.
Type the following commands. Press ENTER after you type each command:

Sc query HTTPFilter
Sc query KDC
Sc query Netlogon
Sc query NTLMssp
Sc query PolicyAgent
Sc query ProtectedStorage
Sc query SamSs
Sc query Eventlog
Sc query PlugPlay

The TYPE value must be 20 WIN32_SHARE_PROCESS for the services to be correctly configured. This is the value which configures the services to run in shared service processes.

For example, if you type SC query Netlogon, you receive output that is similar to the following:

C:\>sc query Netlogon


WIN32_EXIT_CODE : 0 (0×0)

Note: Services that are configured to run in separate memory processes have a TYPE value of 10 WIN32_OWN_PROCESS.

Once you have determined which services is incorrectly configured, change the TYPE value using the following steps:

Click Start, click Run, type cmd, and press ENTER.
Type sc config Service Name type= share, and then press ENTER.
Repeat step 1 for each that is incorrectly configured.

Note: In this step, Service Name refers to the service/services that incorrectly configured you found using the Sc.exe tool in the previous step.

Malware Issues

Because lsass.exe is a core Windows file, it is often targeted by malware developers, who will either infect the file with a virus or develop a virus that will assume the same, or a similar name as lsass.exe to avoid detection.

You should always keep your antivirus updated with the latest definitions and run regular scans to keep your computer from malware and unwanted files.

For added security, you should download SpywareCease in order to keep you safe from spyware and adware, which can dramatically decrease performance, bombard you with ads and open the door for more malicious attacks.

SpywareCease offers a free scan you can use to determine if any spyware has compromised your computer.
Registry Issues

The registry is a place that Windows use to store all operational settings on your computer; basically, every change made to your computer is stored in a huge database. But over time this database can become filled with invalid information which can corrupt processes and cause various system errors.

For the best protection against such errors, the best solution is to use Registry Easy, you can get a free scan and scan your computer for any errors and then automatically repair them using Reggenies powerful features.

Let us all now how it worked for you.
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