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Postby thom » Sun Aug 15, 2010 11:24 pm

I downloaded ELive from www.elivecd.org. I installed it to a USB stick and was able to successfully able to boot from it on my DT366.

I had used some flavour of elive in the past on a vmware session on my main laptop, but this new version required me to pay for something or other to install it.

Has anyone installed a version with an enlightenment desktop?

I am looking for a nice looking desktop for my tablets.

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Re: ELive

Postby quotaholic » Thu Aug 19, 2010 9:02 am

I have installed several e17 desktops on my tablets. Unfortunately I toasted my 366 and have a DT360 that I am working on so I cant share with you. Just powered up the lx800 366 however I ordered from a member here but it will not be compatible. That and I have a 1gb chip that allows for more room. E17's development has been focused on mobile devices for a while now. The illume profile is fantastic for the DT. The only way to get a functioning Illume though is to go through SVN. By the time the packages are built and the compilers and deps are met it takes up about 900 megs. Once you remove the sources it comes back down to sub 500 megs.

Check out http://packages.enlightenment.org If you installed a minimal debian system then put a minimal xorg you could easily apt-get e17 in on top. Only the Illume interface is not working that well in that revision.

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