Debian5-WebDT366-E17-1.0-500meg image

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Debian5-WebDT366-E17-1.0-500meg image

Postby quotaholic » Sat Jun 27, 2009 8:14 am

Hey Folks,

This is likely the best performing image so far. Or so my roommate tells me. E17 does an amazing job of utilizing resources. You should find things like scrolling, basic navigation and caching to be much smoother than on other window managers. Buttons are working as well as the dpad.

E17 has a feature called profiles. You can find this under the settings dialog. There are several profiles to choose from. I chose netbook for the default. Feel free to switch profiles to "illume". Its a lot like the matchbox experience but much more polished and more eye candy. Other new items are Exhibit and Elitaire. Both of these are built on the Enlightenment libraries and perform quite well considering the hardware. Exhibit is a photo viewer with slight modification capability. Elitaire is set of card games. Solitare is in there.

This image is built on debian "lenny".

Included software

Naim - Aim client
Irssi - Irc chat
Wicd - Network manager
Anyremote, anyremote2html, ganyremote - remote control program.
Rdesktop - Remote Desktop
Elitaire - Card game
Exhibit - Image viewer
Xvkbd - Keyboard
Iceweasel - Web browser
Xterm - Terminal
Audacious - Music player
BTscanner - Bluetooth device scanner
Obexftp - Bluetooth ftp
Obexfs - Use with fuse to mount a bluetooth file system
Fuse - User space file systems
Mc - Midnight Commander file manager

On the desktop you will see two different, what E17 calls, "shelves". One is acting like a dock at the bottom holding an ibox, ibar, pager and start button. On the upper right I have another shelf, set to invisible, with modules on it showing cpu, wlan, battery and time. Feel free to change things up.

If you would rather map different functions to the hard buttons simply open the settings panel from the main menu and select input. Again select keybindings. Now we should be looking at a window with keys on the left and functions on the right.
Currently the Keyboard button is set as F16, Home button is F15 and the wireless button is F14. Simply select the button on the left and associate the call to the right. Very robust.

Link to image:
Download Debian5-WebDT366-E17-1.0-500meg.tar.gz from

Linuxtracker torrent:

MD5 is in the archive. See previous posts or the FAQ for how to install.

Let me know how it goes
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Re: Debian5-WebDT366-E17-1.0-500meg image

Postby ionbladez » Sat Jun 27, 2009 7:22 pm

Trying to download torrent, no seeds. I'll download the filefactory one.
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Re: Debian5-WebDT366-E17-1.0-500meg image

Postby kluut » Fri Jul 03, 2009 11:16 pm

I just tried it. E17 looks pretty good compared to the lxde I was using before.

I had trouble with my wireless. But was able to solve it using the comments in the E17-sid topic. wicd was trying to use wlan0, where it should be using eth0. For some reason I couldn't change it in the gui. Then I just changed the /etc/wicd/manager-settings.conf file. change
wireless_interface = wlan0
wireless_interface = eth0

Now I will play with it a bit more. Thanks again!
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Re: Debian5-WebDT366-E17-1.0-500meg image

Postby quotaholic » Wed Jul 08, 2009 4:53 pm

Thank you for finding my mistakes and posting them! Incorporating this in to the next image.

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