Remote Desktop (thin client) using xrdp

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Remote Desktop (thin client) using xrdp

Postby matt » Sat May 09, 2009 6:47 pm

Hi there,

If you're looking for a much simpler way to make use of the WebDT out-of-the-box then consider just connecting to an existing computer running a terminal server.

I can confirm that the xrdp package, running on a linux (ubuntu) host computer, works just great with the WebDT. I've placed a link to the connection in my WebDT startup folder, with my name/password embedded - so now the WebDT connects straight to a linux box upon booting - seamlessly!

This works great for me - cos I really just wanted a portal to my music collection that I could stick on the wall. I already had a headless mythbuntu box, so the WebDT just connects to that.

Job done!

(of course - if you have portability or other uses in mind, then this won't be useful).
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