Increasing the range of wireless

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Increasing the range of wireless

Postby n3qxc » Sat Feb 13, 2010 4:36 pm

Working in the electronics industry and having a Ham radio background... I have decided to experiment with the range of my wireless dt 360.

I have recovered an antenna from a discarded laptop from work and removed the internal antennas which were located around the LCD display. A closer examination of the antenna, it looks to be a J-pole design (for the ham ops!) The wire length (coax) is about a foot long with the standard snap-on connector. (not sure what the name of these connectors are).

Anyhow... years ago I bought a 18 inch Parabola for a solar heating experiment...and now it's being used as a dish (reflector) for the J-pole. Figuring the speed of light and radio waves is really close... I used a flash light to find the focal point of the dish and mounted the j-pole there... photos will come later...

I now can see over 45 networks in my local area and the signal strengths are mostly 4 to 5 bars on a top scale of 5 bars.

Now I need to find someone local to do some long range testing with, I have read articles of Ham ops getting up to 35 mile range from moutain top tp moutain top... I'm not looking for that kind of range... but just curious if I can get over a miles range.
j-pole ant.JPG
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