the state of linux and wireless on a DT360

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the state of linux and wireless on a DT360

Postby quotaholic » Wed Aug 12, 2009 11:53 am

I have a marvell cf wifi card that does not work as well as an ar5006 (ath5k) mini-pci-e card and both do not work.

The marvel has a solution that involves recompiling the kernel so I am going to avoid the headache. The atheros based mini-pci-e I bought from just does not identify itself on init.

Best I can get off the mini-pci-e from a "hardinfo" is an "unknown pnp adapter on texas instruments 1520 cardbus adapter"

Both usb wifi adapters I own work very well. They are both linksys and RT based.

By chance has anyone gotten any better results than I?
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