Extended WIFI range with the 360 or 310

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Extended WIFI range with the 360 or 310

Postby Dave7341 » Fri Jun 10, 2011 9:56 am

Need better WIFI range?  Here�s a cheap trick that will enhance your WIFI efficiency.

First, this is for the DT360 and DT310 � possibly others - that use a mini-PCI WIFI card and do not have a pull-up antenna like the DT366LX.  The problem is the WIFI antenna is embedded inside under the cover for the compact flash slot. You will need to buy these antennas from EBAY {June/2011 link): 
If the link dies, search EBAY for �WIFI antenna� and you will find them from many vendors.  I paid $1.64 delivered from Hong Kong � you would think the postage was more than $1.64! 

I received three antennas for the $1.64 although the listing says two antennas.  They have the mini connectors installed and the antenna in a 1�x1� square with a small piece of double-face tape.  You simply plug in one of the antennas in the AUX antenna port (standard connector) and route it to your mounting place.  It doesn�t mater which port you use for antenna 1 or antenna 2.  I routed mine to the battery compartment but the cable is long enough to mount it anyplace inside.  I have tried this with the Atheros CM9 and the Intel 2200BG cards with great results.  If you have the VIA WIFI card you may want to replace it with one from EBAY.  I changed all my VIA cards to the Intel 2200BG card for only $5.  The Intel card performance is far superior to the VIA card.  It�s a plug and play move � very easy to do.  The drivers are easy to find.

If your BIOS battery needs to be changed, this would be a good time to do it as well.  It�s a small button type battery model CR1220 available at Radio Shack or anyplace that sells watch batteries.

Enjoy your new extended range WIFI on your DT360 or DT310.
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