working internet on the DT360 running debian linux using wifi cf card

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working internet on the DT360 running debian linux using wifi cf card

Postby quotaholic » Fri Dec 04, 2009 10:49 am

Its a cheat but I found an Ambicom CF wifi card for sale a while back I but could never get the driver working on the 360. At the time I was running ubuntu alternate 9.04 and could only muster a error in dmesg saying that chipset was no longer supported.

Well thanks to the gent who demonstrated how to get debian on its feet with working video I now have wicd running the CF slot and getting me on my wpa2 network named "joeyjojoshabbado". Simpsons fan, what can I say. Ironically I cant get the card to work if I boot with it inserted. Inserting after boot and waiting had much better results. Prolly an irq or something.

My plan b was to use blueman bluetooth manager to harness ip over bluetooth and tether the DT360 to my media center. The media center is running blueman in network access point mode. I really only use the DT360 interface with my media center application and control its playback and content browsing. 

If you have a 360 and want to play with this please install lenny (add
Code: Select all
video=ofonly vga=788
to the boot line , then to /boot/grub/menu.lst after installation) adjust your repositories to squeeze. Upgrade and then install blueman. I hope to get this baby tethered myself this weekend.
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