Potential alternate touch screen drivers

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Potential alternate touch screen drivers

Postby quotaholic » Thu Nov 08, 2012 3:28 pm

This is an interesting day. I see that Slax now has a version 7.0 out. Looking at the newer kernel caused me to hit penmount.com's download page. Much to my surprise I see a new linux listed in their drivers section: Tizen linux. https://www.tizen.org/

So I download it and open up the driver tar ball. What do I see but instructions and files for i586 platforms to utilize tslibs and open source tools to use with their touchscreen. Here are more links:



From what I am reading here I think that we can use this for any linux version if we are wise to the method and utilize the right tools.

The Tizen linux driver package from penmount will not support Slax 7.0 however it did inspire me to discover that there are other ways.

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