Why can't I get an IDE hard drive working in my DT166???

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Why can't I get an IDE hard drive working in my DT166???

Postby kyleshea » Sat May 07, 2011 7:23 pm

Hi guys. I know this hardware is old - but just wondering if anybody has dealt with this... I have a WebDT DT166 thin client that I am desperately trying to upgrade with a 2.5" internal IDE laptop hard drive... Everything connects up fine, but the drive doesn't seem to get power and is never recognized. I am pretty sure that I need to change a jumper to give the IDE interface 5v instead if 3.3v but I don even understand what "1-2" and "2-3" means in jumper lingo. And I'm not sure the info I have read is correct for my model and exactly which jumper I should be changing... And perhaps there are BIOS changes required?

Any help in this would be GREATLY appreciated. I'm pulling my hair out!!!
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Re: Why can't I get an IDE hard drive working in my DT166???

Postby quotaholic » Fri May 20, 2011 10:00 am

Not sure if this will help or not but look at the post here:


My thinking is that DT Research wanted to sell you that hard drive so they made it so generic hardware like a 2.5" hard drive wont work on their hardware. I had to modify the flash module I bought for my DT366 otherwise it acted the exact same as yours. Actually mine just would not boot. There are no non destructive ways to test this unfortunately aside from a rigged 44 pin cable so I can only guess that the drive is shorting to ground on pin 44. Once I removed the socket for pin number 44 on my flash module the hardware booted again. When looking at an ide header or a 44 pin header there will be an arrow pointing at pin number one. Most likely this arrow will be on the pcb itself. Pin two will be across from pin one then pin three will be next to pin one. See this link for a pic:


Or you could have a voltage issue like you mentioned. I have never played with a 166 but the DT366 and 366lx800 have rigged designs to not let standard hardware play nice with them. Again find a non destructive way to test this as it may not apply to your hardware. If Foxx is still around here he has modded some old first gen ipod hd's in to his DT hardware. May be worth a pm to him for a tip.

Hope it helps
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