we are ten days old today!!!

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we are ten days old today!!!

Postby quotaholic » Wed Apr 01, 2009 11:40 pm

and so much has happened. In those ten days we have had one working desktop linux distribution come together that will both boot to a working hardware configuration including touchscreen drivers as well as install to the hd.

We have had substantial growth to the community of late. Suppliers of DT units as well as sellers of parts and accessories are active in posting and helping with questions. We also have posters here who are active in the repair industry. I can only see the technical depth of our offerings growing over time.

We added an IRC channel today. Until I can get the chat function integrated in to the forum please feel free to join us on freenode. We are in the #webdt channel.

Categories were also added for other DT models. Upon creation they were filled with reference. Interesting stuff.

This calendar is new and the posts as we will learn deposit in the new calendar events category near the bottom. Feel free to post anything you feel is relevant here.

We have had 300 unique visitors to the forum in ten days. Today our google videos on NimbleX are numbers 3 and 6 on a numblex search. Thank you!! If you feel like contributing to the "lets get webdt.org noticed on google" effort feel free to upload media content and link it in our "how are you using yours" section. We would appreciate it!

Thank you very much to everyone who contributes here. Please let me know if you run in to any concerns or have any questions.

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